Experienced DJs create a party atmosphere with more than just great music. The right DJ lighting equipment enhances music and adds a whole new dimension to your performance. Whether you are establishing yourself as a professional DJ or just entertaining friends, GTmall is your super source for quality lighting supplies where you will find everything you need.

Explore DJ Lighting Equipment Options

You will need to know the basics about DJ lighting equipment prior to building your light kit. Selecting the right lighting equipment can make the difference between creating an environment that gets people moving on the dance floor and one that is boring and staid.

    Stage lighting
    Stage lights set the overall tone of a dance floor and hence are arguably the most important part of any light show. Parabolic lights (par cans), which come in 1/8 inch increments, are the most common type of stage lights. So, a size 16 par can will accommodate a 2-inch light. Two stands with four par 38 lights at 150 watts will have you covered when starting out. Par cans should be mounted on a T-stand—two stands on either end of the dance floor—to achieve even lighting coverage.
    Moonflowers help to create an exciting, magical environment by bouncing and refracting light. One of the most popular types of moonflower is the cost effective classic disco ball, which can turn one beam of light into many. A static motion moonflower has a mirror built into the front of the light to bounce and control the beam from a static location.
    Beamers project solid beams of light across the dance floor, adding depth and texture to the mood set by fill lights. You can also find “intelligent” beamers that move in time with the music or to some other preset pattern. However, the intensity of beamers will fade the further they get from the source so it is best to use them together with stage lights.
    Strobe lights
    Strobe lights flash intermittently to provide a slow-motion or freeze-frame effect that can add to the drama of your dance floor.
    Use lasers for precision lighting. You can even use “intelligent” lasers to write on walls and create other static designs. To produce highly defined, monochromatic beams of lights, combine lasers with fog.

Set Up a DJ Lighting System

The way you combine lighting equipment will determine the mood created. It takes practice, but there are some lighting fundamentals that can get you headed in the right direction.

Stage lights will create an even mood across the floor and provide a good base for other lighting effects like those created by lasers and disco balls. Create different ambiances by using coloured ">par cans. Blue stage lights emulate moonlight and set a calm tone; cast a green light on some fog and you have something out of a horror movie; or charge the atmosphere with energy by filling the room with orange or red light.

From there you can start personalising your setup by adding lights. Create a surreal and enveloping landscape using beamers, or highlight the different notes and rhythms of a song with lasers. You can also make the dance floor or DJ booth stand out using disco balls.

Get the Right Lighting Accessories

Lighting equipment comprises of more than just lights. In order to really get your rig perfect, you will need dimmers, controllers, cables, and possibly even a fog machine.

    Lighting equipment controllers
  • Basic lighting controllers: Controllers allow you to manage all your lighting equipment from a single console as they combine the main ON/OFF switches for all your lighting equipment. This also reduces the number of loose cables on your rig. The number of lights you can control depends on the number of channels your controller has.
  • Advanced lighting controllers: More advanced lighting controllers include features such as built-in light pattern programmes and dimmers; sound activations, which allow the audio to control the lights; and blackout kill switches that turn everything off at once.
  • DMX lighting controllers: DMX controllers give you maximum power and the greatest flexibility when it comes to controlling your lighting equipment as they allow you to create lighting programmes. Using DMX systems, you are able to programme exactly how you want your lighting equipment (lights, dimmers, fog machines and more) to work together so as to create the mood that you are after. However, note that all of your gear must be DMX compatible.
      • Lighting stands
        Lighting stands helps to support your lighting equipment and elevate your lights. It is worth investing in quality lighting stands because it will make it easier for you to grow your rig as you add more lighting equipment.
        Lighting cables
        Lighting cables connect your lights to your controller and provide power. Make sure the lighting cables are rated for the wattage of your lights.
        Lighting dimmers
        Control the brightness of your lights using dimmer packs. For greater manageability of you lighting equipment, connect dimmers to your controller.