A lot is spoken and discussed these days about how we should all reduce our energy consumption, yet who provides the tools for us to acheive this?

We offer the complete range of products to allow you to easily monitor your energy usage, and then take steps to reduce it.

Our range of products, tools, and services allow households, businesses, governments, and schools to monitor, understand and control their energy usage. This will save not just energy but also save money and reduce your C02 emissions.

If you are serious about reducing your energy costs then we can help.

Easy-Off Sockets

Easy-Off sockets are a simple way of managing your standby energy consumption.

We have remote contorl power board and wireless power points that make it easy for you to ensure that your TV, AV equipment, lamps, and other appliances are fully turned off and not left?switched on or in standby mode. This helps to reduce your energy costs and save you money.

As well as the energy saving benefits the products make it very convenient and easy to turn off equipment when it is difficult to access the sockets when they are behind or under furniture.

Energy-Watch Monitor

Energy-Watch Monitors allow you to monitor the electricity consumption of your home and office. By monitoring you energy consumption on a daily basis you are able to identify the areas in which you are needlessly using electricity and then take steps to reduce energy use in that area.

Wireless energy monitors show the electrcity cosumption of the entire house in real time. You can see the effect of turning off lights, appliances, and equipment?on your electricity costs

Solar Power Energy

Solar electricity is no longer the energy of the future; it's the energy of today! By making solar truly affordable and accessible, Power-Save has made it possible for everyone to reduce or eliminate electric bills while improving the quality of our environment.

We have solar panel, Solar lighting and solar function pump series for all your garden needs

For more information on our energy saving device and how you can be part of the worldwide “Green” movement, please visit our shop: www.gtmall.com.au