According to Wikipedia, Time-lapse photography is a cinematography technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured (the frame rate) is much lower than that which will be used to play the sequence back. It’s like that you can take sequential photos captured over a period of hours and compress them into a video of only a few minutes in length – this allows you to see a slowly changing scene at a much faster pace and can open up a whole new world of photography to you.

The following videos show different Time-Lapse Photography examples from different places for various natural phenomena. I hope you will enjoy these videos and share with us your thoughts about this technique.

TIMELAPSE Liushidan Mountain TAIWAN BY louisch

A busy city, Taipei (Time lapse)

Brinno TimeLapse Camera-Hong Kong Habor

Live, Setup to Breakdown in Two Minutes

Time-lapse video can be stunning beautiful, or simply amusing, but without specialized equipment, they are somewhat difficult to create. But a new digital time-lapse camera available from Brinno makes it easy and worry-free.

Brinno’s bright blue pod-shaped camera is weather-resistant, so you can leave it outside to capture the snow falling or the garden growing. The operation of the camera is as simple as the design. It has a standard tripod connector on the bottom but also stands upright by itself so that it can be easily placed in a window sill or on a shelf.

The camera’s lens can focus at standard or macro distance. It takes pictures at interval settings ranging from 1 second to 24 hours, with film lengths depending on how many pictures you take (the required 4 AA batteries will last for 38 hours at the fastest setting, up to 200 days at the slowest). There are six default settings, and you can create a custom setting for any period from 5 seconds to 12 hours.

The most intriguing feature about this camera is that it does all the work of putting your JPEG images together for you. No more long and tedious stitching in video programs – your series of images is automatically saved as an AVI file, ready to watch or upload to YouTube. Brinno’s Time Lapse Cam  will probably be your best bet.

Brinno MAC100 Motion Activated Time Lapse Camera

Brinno TLC200 Time Lapse Camera with ViewFinder

Brinno TLC100 WeatherProof Time Lapse Camera