Product Description:

The Weather Station WH1081 is a high performance wireless data logging weather station with advanced sensor technology resulting in good accuracy at a low cost. It provides instantaneous and historical data on Inside and Outside Temperature and Humidity, Wind Speed (average and gust), Wind Direction, Barometric Pressure and Rainfall.

The backlit touch screen controller logs over 4080 data points with adjustable (5 minute minimum) sample interval. There is a memory meter on the display that shows when the memory is getting full so the data can be downloaded and archived to a computer thru the built in USB port and included EasyWeather software.

The controller runs on 3 AA batteries and can be mounted up to 300 feet away from the sensor array. The transmit frequency is 915MHz and does not require a license. The sensor array runs up to 2 years on 2 AA batteries so there are no worries with mounting the array on top of a building or tower.

The construction is white UV resistant thermoplastic with a stainless mast and pipe clamps for years of reliable service in the harshest environments.

 proweatherstation wireless weather station

Complete system includes:

Backlit wireless touch screen controller, advanced sensor array (anemometer, direction meter, temp/humidity sensor, rain gauge, mounting pole), USB cable for connection to PC, EasyWeather software, mounting hardware and instructions.

Typical Uses for WH1081

  1. Weather tracking and forecasting

  2. Monitor wind chill factor to protect your family and animals. Can set alarms to warn of danger.

  3. Monitor Dew point to protect crops from frost damage. Can set alarms to warn of danger.

  4. Survey wind speed over an extended period of time in order to calculate true wind power at a site prior to investing in a wind turbine

  5. Remote monitoring of temperature and humidity in a greenhouse, barn or outbuilding in order to protect property. Alarms can be set to warn of danger.

  6. Set alarms to warn of approaching storms so that you can be prepared before a storm hits.

  7. Share your real time weather station data with others via Weather Underground


EasyWeather Software

EasyWeather is an advanced yet simple to use windows software that allows real time remote display of the Weather Station WH1081. It can be used to setup the weather station parameters and alarms. It also is used for data logging and data export as well as viewing collected data in various built in graph formats. The weather station controller needs to be connected to the PC with a USB cable for real time display.

Get the Latest Version of EasyWeather Software - Version 6.1   RAR
The RAR file can be opened with free WINRAR software available at

EasyWeather Main Information Screen - Displays real time readings from the sensor array. Shows all measurements and calculations except for weather forecasting and clock/calendar.
 Wireless Professional Data Logging Weather Station EasyWeather Windows Software Main Page

EasyWeather Setup Page - setup measurement units and enable alarms


EasyWeather Data Logging - Logs all measurements available in the system with a date and time stamp at the sample interval set in the setup screen

EasyWeather Graphs - Data can be displayed in various types of graph formats including 2D and 3D line and bar



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to plug in the Weather Station WH1081?
A: The Weather Station WH1081 controller and sensor array runs on total 5 type AA batteries and do not need to be plugged in to the wall. The connection between the sensor array and controller is wireless.

Q: What is the battery life?
A: Typical battery life for sensor array is 2 years and for controller is 1 year.

Q: Do I need a computer to use the Weather Station WH1081?
A: A computer is not needed to use the Weather Station WH1081 for monitoring weather or setting alarms. If you desire to do any data logging for long term tracking of weather trends then a computer with USB port is needed in order to download the controller memory when it gets filled up. You only need to connect to the computer to setup and when the memory gets full. For all other times the controller can be mounted to a wall in another room or sitting on a desk or table.

Q: Do I need to be an engineer or technical person to install and operate the Weather Station WH1081?
A: The Weather Station WH1081 is very simple to setup and operate. The most difficult part of setup is the requirement to align the wind vane so that it reads the proper direction. You will need a compass or a general knowledge of north/south/east/west in order to set the direction properly.

Q: Can I store data on my computer?
A: The Weather Station WH1081 stores 4080 data sets in it's memory. The sample rate can be set by the user with 5 minute intervals as a minimum. When memory on the device gets full, you need to download the data to the computer. This is done automatically when the unit is attached to the computer through the USB and the EasyWeather software is started. The amount of data you can store on the computer is unlimited. The EasyWeather software can display the data in various graphs or it can be exported to Excel if desired for analysis.

Q: How far can the controller be from the sensor array?
A: The Weather Station WH1081 has a transmit range of 300 feet but is dependent on what obstructions the signal needs to travel thru. The more line-of-sight the path the further you can go.

Q: Is the Weather Station WH1081 compatible with third party software?
A: The Weather Station WH1081 has been tested to work with the free Cumulus software from Sanday Software. Select "Watson" in the software station setup

Q: Can I publish my Weather Station WH1081 data online?
A: The Weather Station WH1081 data can be published online using third party software such as Cumulus. Cumulus allows publishing of real time data thru sites such as Weather Underground. Weather underground supports rapid fire real time data update.

Q: Can the Weather Station WH1081 support multiple controllers?
A: The Weather Station WH1081 can support multiple controllers.


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