MTB Installation Steps

MTB Installation Steps main image MTB Installation Steps image

Step 1: Pre-installation, please check the package and content

1. Open the carboard box 2. Check all the parts are included 3. Cut the cable ties


Step 2: Install the handle bar, ensure the handle bar direction and angel are correct

1. Unscrew the stem cover 2. Install the handlebar 3. Tighten the fixed bolts


Step 3: Install the front wheel, please ensure the quick release skewer handle is at the right side of bike

1. Install the Disc 2. Unscrew the nut from quick release skewer 3. Plug skewer into axle
4. Install the front wheel 5. Lock quick release 3. The front wheel is installed


Step 4: Install the front brake

1. Remove the cover on the brake 2. Slide the brake onto the disc, ensure the disc is untouched in the middle 3. Tighten the bolts


Step 5: Install the pedal, please note the right pedal is installed in clockwise direction, and the left in anti-clockwise direction. Both pedals must be tightened firmly using pedal wrench.

1. Install the right pedal in clockwise direction 2. Install the left pedal in anti-clockwise direction 3. Tighten the pedal using pedal wrench


Step 6: Install the saddle, please ensure the seat post can not be pulled out over the secure line marked

1. Find out seat post and saddle 2. Adjust saddle at level position, then tightening the bolts 3. Plug the seat post into the tube
4. Maximum height can not higher than the secure line 5. Lock the seat post clamp


Step 7: Install the reflectors

1. Install the rear reflector on the seat post 2. Install the front reflector at the middle of handlebar 3. Click the spoke reflector into the spokes



Now, you bike is ready to ride!